Orevac® G resins are polyolefins (PE, PP, or EVA) grafted with maleic anhydride. Due to their reactivity, they are used as extrudable adhesives in multilayer barrier films, sheets, pipe coating or as coupling agents in filled compounds. They are produced in a state-of-the art facility using an online control system to offer the best quality and consistency to our customers.

Packaging: Extrudable tie layer for multilayer barrier films

Orevac® G reactivity and rheology have been optimized to perform as ready-to-use tie layer in the production of multilayer barrier films. The table below is a tool to help Orevac customers to select a grade for their application depending on their technology and the polymers they need to bond together. Customer evaluation are required for full approval of the right Orevac grade.

In order to reduce production costs, Orevac® OE825 and 18341 concentrates can be blended with LLDPE in multilayer barrier films. Orevac® grafted polyolefins give excellent bonding strength to EVOH ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer barrier resins.

Compounds: Impact modification of engineering thermoplatics

Due to their low flex modulus even at low temperature and their reactivity, Orevac® IM300 and IM800 are used as impact modifier of polyamides (PA6, PA66, PA12), and polyacetal (POM).

Compounds: coupling agents for filled compound

Orevac® G resins can be used as coupling in polyolefins-based compounds (PE, PP) filled with both glass fibers, and mineral fillers such as talc, calcium carbonates.

Energy&construction: coupling agents of HFFR compounds

Orevac® MAH are used as coupling agents in zero-halogen flame retardant compounds. They can be used in polyolefins-based compounds (PE, EVA, EMA) filled with both aluminum trihydrates (ATH) and magnesiun dihydroxyde (MgOH).

Main Properties: Extrudable tie layer. Adhesion to EVOH & PA. Easy processing. Coupling agent. Impact modification.

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